Element Range

Element 40 Permanent Magnet

  • Powerful 1200w motor with a two-speed mechanical gearbox.

  • 13kg in total weight.

  • Suitable for drilling up to 40mm diameter by 50mm depth.

  • CutSmart Technology – designed to protect your motor and cutter, prolonging tool life.

  • Quick release interchangeable handle – allowing you to operate the mag drill from either side and improving accessibility.

  • Internal cabling reduces the risk of damage and downtime for your magdrill.

  • Internal cooling – keeping your mag drill cool and allowing you to drill for longer.

  • Small in size (514mm), this magnetic drill performs in difficult environments.

  • Innovative permanent magnet technology: maintains its hold even during power loss.

  • Dual motor protection, minimising wear and downtime of this magdrill.

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Designed with the same innovative approach as the element 30, the element 40 mag drill takes things one step further. A powerful 1200w motor, with a two-speed mechanical gearbox, allows even a relatively small drill like the element 40 mag drill to cut quickly and efficiently.

Capable of drilling up to 40mm in diameter and 50mm in depth, this drill is suited to a variety of purposes, including countersinking and twist drills. Not only does the element 40 mag drill incorporate a dual motor protection system (prolonging the machine’s life and preventing unwanted wear) alongside an internal cooling system, it also utilizes Rotabroach’s innovative cutsmart technology to minimalize wear on both the motor and cutter, prolonging overall tool life. The Element 40 mag drill is a serious addition to any drill selection, offering enhanced efficiency, tool life and user safety.


CutSmart – Prolonging Power Tool Performance

Mag drills are powerful tools that can cut through materials at an impressive rate, but they also pose hazards if not used appropriately, or an unexpected fault occurs. Even the most experienced steel fabricatortrack expert or ship builder can have accidents if their tools let them down, and that’s why we wanted to create CutSmart – to ensure this never happens.

With CutSmart, you will always know if too much force is being applied to your steel, aluminium, copper, or other material, so that you can respond quickly, safely and effectively. Customer safety is of the utmost importance to us here at Rotabroach, and with CutSmart, your mag drills will help maintain your safety standards no end.

Key Features

  • The Element 40 has a powerful motor and the flexibility of 6 speeds.
  • Ideal for countersinking and using twist drills, it is supplied with chuck as standard.
  • Suitable for drilling up to 40mm diameter by 50mm depth.
  • A great all round tool for workshop and site use.
  • CutSmart Technology – designed to protect both the cutter and motor during heavy use.
  • Quick release interchangeable handle – improving accessibility and ease of use.


Model Number

Element 40/1 Permanent Magnet / Element 40/3 Permanent Magnet

Motor Specification

110V 1200W / 230V 1200W

No load RPM

Low Gear: 300 RPM/High Gear: 600 RPM

Max Cutting Capacity

ø40 x 50mm deep

Drill Chuck Capacity


Overall Dimension

Height: 514mm / Width: 185mm with Capstan / Length: 285mm with Guard

Machine Weight


Magnetic Adhesion


Magnet Size

180mm x 90mm

Safety Features

Cutsmart™ Technology / Fixed Guard / Magnetic Detection / Mechanical Clutch

Element 40 Permanent Magnet