M42 Rail Cutters

  • Rotabroach M42 cutters have a unique and exclusive geometry that you will only find on genuine Rotabroach cutters worldwide.

  • This unique design ensures that the cutter will last longer, cut faster and give a better and more accurate finished hole than our competitors.

  • Rotabroach M42 cutters are manufactured from high-speed steel with 8% cobalt. The cobalt allows the material to absorb more heat and makes it stronger and less prone to chipping.

  • Designed for low-grade rail.

For a full list of ‘Rotabroach M42 Rail’ part numbers click here.

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Size Range

13mm – 36mmø

SRCV130 – SRCV360 / SRCVL130 – SRCVL 360*

Other sizes available upon request

Cutting Depths

25mm & 50mm

Max. Tensile Strength

< 1100N/mm²

Ideal For

Mild & Structural Steel & Rail Track


M42 Rail Cutters