Designed for the unique challenges of the railway industry, our rail tools are used on key projects worldwide to keep this vital industry running. We’ve been supplying the rail sector since 1999. keeping essential maintenance work on track without compromising on tool life or performance.

Creating and maintaining essential railway track means heavy-duty work, we produce heavy-duty solutions.

Keeping people and goods moving is essential to our global economy, that means maintaining rail track is a vital part of modern society. The ability to quickly create and repair tracks allows maintenance teams to react to the day to day challenges of the railway sector.

Our range of specialist rail drills and high performance rail cutters, designed specially for cutting through tough rail track, give rail engineers the tools they need to work on this vital infrastructure. Traditional annular cutters don’t have the strength to cut through tough rail fastenings, our equipment cuts efficiently without compromising on speed and tool life.

Find out more about our specialist range of railway machinery and cutting tools below.


The Rhino 4 is our powerful petrol-powered drill and is one of our leading offerings for rail drilling applications, popular with those working closely with problems in the railway sector that are looking for a way to provide fast drilling. The 4 stroke engine provides this benefit of faster drilling, as well as other advantages including low hand-arm vibration and low noise pollution.

Tough and durable, the Rhino 4 offers better fuel efficiency than many other competitors on the market. The prime safety feature on a Rhino 4 is a centrifugal clutch. Used by the people driving our industries, this drill is Network Rail and SNCF approved.


The Rhino E is our electric drilling solution for the railway sector and, as such, this drill requires a power source, in contrast to the Rhino 2 and Rhino 4. However, the Rhino E is an effective option when you need a drill to use in restricted areas, where standard rail drills can’t be used. Just like our other Rhino models, this drill comes with a range of benefits, most impressive is its faster drilling capabilities, thanks to a powerful 1100W motor.

This drill also doesn’t wear your cutters as much as other machines out there on the market, providing a cost-effective solution that can last multiple jobs.

As for safety features, the Rhino E is equipped with a mechanical clutch and electronic overload protection for peace of mind.



Rotabroach is one of the approved suppliers of Spanish public railway company RENFE. Using their industry knowledge and our design know-how, we worked closely together to create tough electrical drill machines that increase performance, reduce cost, and cut through time.

Our huge range of cutting machines gives you the best tool for each application, with the ability to create and manufacture special accessories to fit any kind of new application. When you need strong, durable equipment to power the latest industrial systems – Rotabroach has the answer.

We know the role of the railway system here in the UK – or any nation – can’t be underestimated. Our transport system underpins our day-to-day lives, allowing both people and goods to move freely around the country.

Not only does the transport system provide benefits to those that use it, but adds to our island’s finances too. According to National Rail, the rail freight industry is key to Britain’s economic success, contributing £1.7bn to the economy – while reducing congestion and carbon emissions.

For these reasons, the maintenance and refurbishment of railway tracks – and even the creation of new ones in some cases – is essential for keeping us connected. Not only does this maintenance, refurbishment, and the fixing of rail damage have to be done well, but it has to be done efficiently too. That’s exactly where tools from Rotabroach are on hand to assist you. 

Our tools don’t just give users the POWER to cut metal… we give them the POWER to keep things moving when they are needed most.

Raptor XR

Designed for low-grade rail, the Rotabroach Raptor XR cutters are an essential tool in the railway toolbox. They have a unique geometry that you will only ever come across on genuine Rotabroach cutters, giving you a design that allows cutters to work fast, last longer, and provide a more accurate finish than alternative cutters out there on the market. Our cutters are manufactured from high-speed steel, with 8% cobalt – a dynamic material that means it can absorb and withstand more heat – making it stronger and reducing the chances of chipping.

Raptor TR

Our Rotabroach Raptor TR cutters are specifically designed and made to cut the hardest of railway tracks. They have a unique body design that provides the greatest level of support and stability. When paired with a super micro-grain carbide tip, these cutters have the ability to cut through stubborn rail. We supply these cutters all over the globe where power is needed, especially since they are capable of drilling through the world’s toughest rail.

RRTW Twist Drill

Our M42 Twist Drill is another unique offering and is designed for use with any Weldon Shank Rail Drill – able drill holes with a small diameter. Because this cutter was manufactured from M42 material, it has the capability to cut through hard materials, providing a tough solution that gets the job done. As well as this, the M42 Twist Drill comes with a central coolant hole, so lubricant can effectively travel to the tip of the drill and improve performance. This also promotes a longer tool life when compared to a standard twist drill.


POWER To Cut Metal.


We know that railway workers are often against the clock when carrying out essential maintenance and repair work on the nation’s railways – after all, people, goods, and businesses are relying on you to get them moving again. Even when time is short, your job still needs to be done well to make sure that the railways are both safe and in excellent condition.

Here at Rotabroach, we combine portability, power, and efficiency when it comes to our offering of tools, all of which are designed to give you the #POWERToCutMetal. Our powerful tools from drills to cutters, are designed to help you carry out your work promptly, without compromising on power. Not only that, but our cutting and drilling tools offer a cost-effective solution for railway maintenance and repairs.

We understand that railway workers will also have to cover long distances when carrying out their work – regardless of whether they work on rails, signals, sleepers, switches, or crossings over long distances or limited accessibility. That’s why we always design our portable tools to be easy-to-use and dependable, promising relentless power that only stops when you do.



Browse the full list of our railway tools today. Whether you need tools for major projects or just to help you in your day-to-day role on the railway, you’ll find the most powerful and durable tools for your job at Rotabroach.