At Rotabroach, we have a heritage to be proud of. In 1973, the Rotabroach annular cutter was created, which has gone on to revolutionise how the core industries power through even the toughest metals and construction materials. We were the first – and we’ve been leading the industry ever since.


Our products are designed to give workers and businesses the strength to drill through the hardest materials on the market, but we don’t stop there. Rotabroach continues to evolve and grow with the demands needed from our tools, using the challenge of new problems and cutting-edge technologies to produce solutions that innovate and elevate trade. 

Where others are comfortable to lean on their past successes, we thrive in tough situations, constantly releasing new ideas, products and features that consistently change the game across multiple industries. That’s why we’re Rotabroach – POWER to Cut Metal.


POWER To Cut Metal.


Our manufacturing facility makes its home in Sheffield – the ‘Steel City’ itself. We champion British industry, which is why we design, develop and produce most of our products right here, before delivering them to sectors where they are used around the world. 

Here at Rotabroach, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation – so our customers have strong, durable solutions that hold up against even the hardest of construction materials. That’s why we continually invest in our machinery and our people to provide users with high-quality products that meet the demands of the industries we supply.

Our name is synonymous with unbeatable power tool performance: there’s a reason for that.

Our team of passionate and ambitious product developers have one goal in mind, and that’s to deliver the most effective tools to get the job done. We’ve got a proven track record across multiple sectors, including rail, oil and sea, renewable energy, agriculture, shipbuilding and more – creating real-life solutions for real-life problems.

For businesses looking to branch out into supplying the superior solutions we can provide, Rotabroach also has Manufacturing Capabilities, including Private Label Ability, to serve your supply needs.



Actions speak louder than words – and go beyond languages – which is why our power tools are used to drill and saw metals in vital projects around the world. We’re proud of the global brand we have built over the years, delivering solutions through our network of tried-and-trusted distributors in multiple countries, including Europe and across Asia, Africa and Australia. Our sister brand, Unibor, has been bringing the same level of superior quality and design to North American markets – so everyone can enjoy the power of Rotabroach’s metal-cutting solutions. 

We have three decades’ worth of experience in dealing within the export market, supplying power tools to over 70 leading international trade partners. 


We are proud to be part of one of the most dynamic manufacturing groups. Rotabroach was acquired by the OSL Group and OSL Cutting Technologies family back in 2002, and we have gone from strength to strength since then, sitting alongside their portfolio of industry-leading manufacturing businesses within the UK. 

With brands that date back to the 1860s, OSL’s long-standing heritage is matched by a thirst to deliver powerful solutions of the future, making them innovators across the engineering, automotive and security sectors. With hundreds of years of experience behind us as a collective, we are in a unique position to create, develop and drive the next generation of industry technology. 

We’re all about moving forward – something that the Group does in spades.