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TCT Cutters

  • Rotabroach tungsten carbide tipped cutters are manufactured with super micro-grain carbide tips for a long tool life in the toughest of materials.

  • The tips are 50% Tungsten / 50% Carbide. Rotabroach TCT cutters are harder and able to resist higher temperatures resulting in less wear, providing a longer tool life when compared to competitor products.

  • The special Rotabroach 3 tooth geometry provides even tooth loading for a smooth and vibration-free cut.

For a full list of ‘Rotabroach TCT’ part numbers click here.

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Size Range

12mm – 18mmø

CWC12 – CWC52 / CWCL12 – CWCL100 / CWCT18 – CWCT100 / CWCX18 – CWCX 100

Other sizes available upon request

Cutting Depths

35mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm

Max. Tensile Strength

< 1400N/mm²

Ideal For

Construction Steel, Stainless Steel, Rail Track, High Strength Steel, Hardox & Inconel

TCT Cutters