Magnetic Drills

Element 50 Pivot Magnet

  • Maintains strong grip on curved steel and pipework down to 3.5mm material thickness.

  • Can be also used for standard flat surface drilling.

  • Twist drill, threading and countersinking capability.

  • Permanent magnet technology – magnet does not require electrical power.

  • Double pivoting magnet base.

  • Safe and hidden away internal cabling.

  • Mounted coolant bottle, steel sliding guard and switchable handle.

  • Centered control panel with Cutsmart™ for increased tool and machine life.

  • 32mm max cutter diameter

  • Overload protection ensures your magdrill is kept in the best possible condition

    • Powerful 1500w motor with a two speed mechanical gearbox

The latest addition to the Rotabroach range, the E50 Pivot Magnet is specifically designed for drilling on curved, uneven surfaces. With its permanent magnet, the E50PM retains magnetic adhesion, even on thinner surfaces.

Element 50 Pivot Magnet
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Model Number

Element 50/1PM / Element 50/3PM

Motor Specification

110V 1500W / 230V 1500W

No load RPM

Low Gear: 100-265RPM / High Gear: 200-500RPM

Max Cutting Capacity

⌀50 x 50mm Deep – 20mm with 2MT twist drill

Overall Dimension

Height: min 490mm – max 640mm / Width: 190mm / Length: 317mm

Machine Weight

110V/18kg / 230V/17.7kg

Magnetic Adhesion


Magnet Size

277mm x 190m

Safety Features

Cutsmart™ Technology / Magnetic Detection / Secondary Motor Protection

Element 50 Pivot Magnet

Element 50 Pivot Magnet