SiteH3ro Step Drill

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    Drill new holes and expand thin gauge material with an Impact Wrench and SITEH3RO™.

  • High performance coating for up to 75% longer tool life.

  • Holes from 4mm to 30mm in diameter, each step 5mm.

  • Suitable for use in standard 3-jaw drill chucks.

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Designed to provide versatile, high-performance metalworking performance on any compatible impact wrench, the SiteH3ro holder allows the use of our comprehensive range of specialist SiteHero cutting tools, including: step drills, step reamers, taps and car reamers.

Easily attached to an impact wrench, the holder also ensures safe working at height and on job sites, particularly useful in construction and bridge-building industries where falling tools can prove a serious issue in cases of holder failure.

With SiteH3ro, you can perform a range of different metalworking functions without the need for a magnetic drill, transformer or other large equipment – this makes working in tight spaces or for long periods easier than ever.



Size Range

SD412 – 4mm to 12mm
SD420 – 4mm to 20mm
SD430 – 4mm to 30mm


SHRSD1 – 4mm to 12mm / 4mm to 20mm / 4mm to 30mm


SiteH3ro Step Drill