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Annular Cutter Kit – 31 Piece

  • Manufactured from heat-treated M2AL, these cutters are designed for high performance, maximum hardness and enhanced tool life.

  • These cutters have a unique and exclusive geometry that you will only find on genuine Rotabroach cutters.

  • Perfect for mild and structural steel up to 900 N/mm².

  • Kit comes with seven pilot pins.

For a full list of ‘Rotabroach M2AL Raptor’ part numbers click here.

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Size Range

12mm cutter (RAP120)

13mm cutter (RAP130)

14mm cutter (RAP140)

15mm cutter (RAP150)

16mm cutter (RAP160)

17mm cutter (RAP170)

18mm cutter (RAP180)

19mm cutter (RAP190)

20mm cutter (RAP200)

21mm cutter (RAP210)

22mm cutter (RAP220)

23mm cutter (RAP230)

24mm cutter (RAP240)

25mm cutter (RAP250)

26mm cutter (RAP260)

27mm cutter (RAP270)

28mm cutter (RAP280)

29mm cutter (RAP290)

30mm cutter (RAP300)

31mm cutter (RAP310)

32mm cutter (RAP320)

33mm cutter (RAP330)

34mm cutter (RAP340)

35mm cutter (RAP350)

2 x Pilot Pins for RAP120 – 5 x Pilot Pins for RAP130 – RAP520

Cutting Depths

25mm & 50mm

Max. Tensile Strength

< 900N/mm²

Ideal For

Mild & Structural Steel


Annular Cutter Kit – 31 Piece

Raptor 31 Piece Kit Image