Mag Drill Accessories

Morse Taper Arbors

  • Rotabroach produce a number of ‘Morse Tapers’ from 2 morse – 5 morse, to allow the use of our cutters in any morse taper machine.

  • All come with coolant adaptors and are suitable for any machine with a morse taper fitting.

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Part Number Morse Taper Shank Depth
CA120 2 19.05mm 50mm
CA130 3 19.05mm 50mm
CA130 + Pilot RA3120 3 19.05mm 75mm
CA130 + Pilot RA3122 3 19.05mm 100mm
CA130X 3 32mm 50mm
CA130X + Pilot RA3121 3 32mm 75mm
CA130X + Pilot RA3123 3 32mm 100mm
CA140 4 19.05mm 50mm
CA1475 4 19.05mm 75mm
CA340 4 32mm 50mm
CA3475 4 32mm 75mm
CA1575 5 19.05mm 75mm
CA3510 5 32mm 100mm
CA1510 5 19.05mm 100mm

Morse Taper Arbors