Raptor CTCT Cutters

  • Rotabroach Raptor CTCT cutters are manufactured from high-quality tool steel, they have precision ground Cermet Tungsten Carbide tips to enable them to cut the toughest materials.

  • Rotabroach Raptor CTCT cutters are manufactured with a 3 step alternate tooth geometry that has been designed to reduce heat generation during cutting.

  • Rotabroach Raptor CTCT cutters have a unique straight flute, designed for better material removal.

  • Max Tensile Strength – <1800N/mm2.

  • When using annular cutters we always recommend you use a pilot pin.

Tests done in collaboration with SSAB have shown it is possible to drill Hardox wear plate up to a hardness level of 500 Brinell.

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Size Range

18mm – 40mmø

Cutting Depths


Max. Tensile Strength

< 1800N/mm²

Ideal For

Drilling Hardox, Inox, Inconel, Cast Iron, Fine Grain Steel and other tough alloys

Raptor CTCT Cutters