3 Metalworking Site Essentials


From construction to maintenance, HVAC to aerospace; metalworking is an essential part of worksites across the world. Fabricating, shaping and cutting metal is at the heart of the vehicles, systems and buildings that make up our modern society. To perform these essential jobs, businesses and workers need powerful, efficient equipment. In this article, we’ll talk about 5 of the essential metalworking tools for the modern worksite:

The Magnetic Drill.

Magnetic drills are a revelation on construction sites, especially where there’s a need for portable and precise drilling in metalwork. These drills utilize a magnetic base, enabling them to cling to a metal surface, even upside down, allowing for stable, precise, and efficient drilling or cutting.

With options for Low Profile drills, for tight spaces, as well as permanent magnet and automatic options, modern magnetic drills are a critical part of high-performance metal cutting.


  • Enhanced Precision: The fixed magnet base reduces the risk of slipping, providing highly accurate holemaking.
  • Portability: Compact design allows use in various environments, especially in remote or confined spaces.
  • Safety: The magnetic base provides stability, reducing accidents related to shifting or slipping during operation.


Magnetic drills are ideal for the powerful, high performance cutting needed to get through tough metals, all within a portable machine. This has made them an integral part of industries and projects worldwide.

The Annular Cutter.

Annular cutters, known for their efficiency in creating accurate, bur-free holes, are specially designed to remove only the material at the periphery of the hole, optimizing the drilling process by leaving the centre as a solid slug. This process is typically more efficient than twist drilling as less material is removed in the process, whilst also producing a high degree of accuracy.


  • Efficient Cutting: They cut only at the edge of the hole, reducing the amount of material displaced, which requires less force and time.
  • Smooth Holes: Produce accurate, bur-free holes, reducing the need for further finishing.
  • Versatility: Available in various sizes and materials, they can be used with different kinds of magnetic drills.

With options for M2Al, TCT and specialist Rail cutters, we’ve got a wide range of different annular cutting options – ensuring that you’re covered on any project.

The Chop Saw.

Chop saws are powerful tools designed for making straight, quick cuts in a variety of materials, they’re ideal for quickly making cuts in a variety of metals, producing cool cuts with our specialist Rotabroach sawblades.


  • Power and Speed: Their high horsepower and rotational speed make them perfect for swift, heavy-duty cutting.
  • Precision: Ability to make straight, clean cuts with accuracy.
  • Versatility: With the right blade, they can cut through metal, wood, or plastic


Ideal for efficiently cutting through pipe, rebar and other common site materials, our Element 14 chop saw and blades produce quick, spark-free cuts that are cool to the touch, right after cutting.

What Does a Site Tool Need?

  • Power

    On-site metalworking involves working with tough materials; construction steel, stainless steel and a range of alloys can all pose a challenge during projects. With powerful, efficient tools, you’re able to get through difficult materials quickly, without risking safety or performance.


  • Speed

    Construction and engineering projects are often faced with tight deadlines and large quantities of holemaking, fabrication and other processes throughout work. Having tools that get the job done quickly, without compromising on quality and performance, is absolutely key to completing projects on time and up to standard.


  • Durability

    If a tool doesn’t last long enough, or can’t stand up to a difficult worksite environment, power and speed means little. Having cutting tools that can last hole after hole, or machines built to withstand the challenges of a busy worksite, is absolutely crucial to getting the job done.


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