Chop saws and metal cutting blades are a winning combination, here’s what you need to know:

Using A Chop Saw, Step By Step

Step 1: Safety Precautions: Always start by wearing appropriate safety gear, including safety glasses, hearing protection, and durable gloves. Ensure your workspace is clean and uncluttered to minimize potential hazards.

Step 2: Set Up: Clamp the material securely against the fence of the chop saw, this ensures stability and precision during the cut. Line up the saw blade with your marked line on the material, ensuring that it’s positioned for a straight cut.

Step 3: Proper Operation: Hold the saw’s handle firmly, activate the saw, and allow it to reach full speed before beginning the cut. Lower the saw blade smoothly into the material, maintaining a steady pressure. Let the saw do the work; do not force it.

Step 4: Finish Cut: Once the cut is complete, release the power switch and wait for the blade to come to a complete stop before raising it.


How To Get The Best Saw For The Job.

Like any power tool, getting the right equipment is essential to success on a project. To start, it’s crucial to define the nature of the projects you’ll be undertaking. The material thickness, frequency of use, and the type of metal you will be cutting all play significant roles in determining the required power and capabilities of your chop saw. As a fantastic all-rounder, the Element 14 is capable of cutting through a wide variety of different metals.

The type of blade compatible with your chop saw is another essential aspect to consider. Our Rotabroach blades are cermet-tipped, offering up to 20 times longer lifespan than traditional abrasive discs and up to 40% longer cutting life than TCT blades. With options for Multi-Purpose, Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel, our specialist blades are ideal for a range of metal cutting jobs.

Safety features should never be overlooked when choosing a chop saw. Look for features such as blade guards, which provide a physical barrier between the blade and the user. The Element 14 includes a retracting blade guard and metal chip collection chamber, ensuring operator safety during sawing.

Which Industries Use Metal Cutting Chop Saws?

Construction and Infrastructure

Among the key industries that use metal cutting chop saws, the construction sector undoubtedly sits at the top. From cutting reinforcement bars (rebars) to shaping structural steel beams, these tools are essential in constructing resilient buildings and infrastructure. In this realm, speed and accuracy matter, and chop saws provide just that, offering clean, precise cuts with minimal waste.

Automotive Industry

The automotive sector is another prime user of metal cutting chop saws. These tools are used to shape various parts, from structural elements to aesthetic components. Chop saws allow the industry to uphold its commitment to quality and safety, ensuring each component is crafted to exact specifications.


The manufacturing industry’s vastness calls for a wide variety of tools, among which the metal cutting chop saw holds a prominent place. Whether it’s for furniture, electronics, or equipment production, chop saws enable manufacturers to tailor each piece to precise dimensions, fostering consistency and quality across their product lines.

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